Gopal Prasad Dulal Academic Director (Management)

In the age of globalization and liberalization, we need students capable of overcoming
the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Recognizing the vital role of research,
innovation and continuous improvement, we focus on teaching- learning process
that is research based, explorative and result oriented to produce the students
capable of handling the corporate, business and entrepreneur sectors. We welcome
all sincere and dedicated scholars to join us and see what it means to be Everestians.




Kishor Kafle Academic Director (Bachelor Program)

Everest Innovative College (EIC) is not a local phenomenon but a global one at present. We enable the students to be competitive at home and abroad imparting them life-skill based education. Exploring the infinite capacity of human brain to illuminate life and the world is the main thrust of education for every individual. Join Everest and see how we open the doors of opportunities for your future in any
part of the world you like. Don’t miss the chance to get global education in a homely, caring and inspiring environment at Everest.




Everest Innovative School and College aims at providing quality and unique higher education to the aspiring students. In this ever changing world of globalization, we provide the students with practical, scientific and innovative education to prepare them for the competitive future. Combining advanced information and communication technology with newly developed teaching methodologies, Everest aims to assure research based education involving the students in field visits, project works, group works and class presentations.


Debendra Acharya

In-charge (Science)