WHY EVEREST Innovative College (EIC) and ESS/EIS ?

  1. Earthquake withstanding buildings
  2. CCTV surveillance system
  3. Classrooms with audio-visual facilities
  4. Affordable fee structure
  5. Hygienic canteen at concetionary rate
  6. Student council for leadership development
  7. Attractive building and physical facilities
  8. Emphasis on students’ total academic growth
  9. Excellently non-challenging quality education
  10. Good management of visionary academicians
  11. Sophisticated computer lab with internet facility
  12. Project works, seminars, case studies & field visits
  13. Interactive, participatory & collaborative approaches
  14. Student centered newly developed learning methods
  15. Spacious and bright classrooms with comfortable furniture
  16. Advanced library with textbooks, reference books and journals
  17. Qualified, experienced, dedicated and cooperative teacher team
  18. Well-equipped science laboratories
  19. Provision of personal profile with holistic record of students’ achievements
  20. Transportation service for the needy students to different corners of the valley
  21. Sports activities such as cricket, volleyball, basketball, TT, badminton, chess etc.
  22. Career counseling for innovation, discipline and further studies at home and abroad
  23. Co-curricular activities such as quiz, poem contest, essay writing, debate, oratory, etc.